C# code block not colored

c# code block not colored

Steps to reproduce
``` c#
using System;

class Program
static void Main()
Console.WriteLine(“Hello, World!”);
Expected behavior
other languages is ok.
but only c# not colored

Observed behavior
2023-06-17 14_34_09-

Mattermost Version 7.8.7
database structure 107
database postgres

There is no autodetection for code highlighting AFAIK, so you have to specify the syntax in the code blocks.

See these two examples on my system which show proper syntax highlighting for c# when used with the c# hint for the code block:

In order to force c# syntax highlighting you need to start the codeblock like this:


Let me know if that works for you.

thank you for reply.
But I have already did it.
not working.

OK this is a known problem, I can reproduce it on 7.8.2 and found the following line in the 7.9 release notes:

  • Fixed an issue where C# syntax highlighting was not working.

Please update to the latest version which will fix this problem.

thank you sir !!!
you make my day.