Can I install on localhost and upload via ftp?


I didn’t see the topic anywhere so I’m posting my question: is there a way to install Mattermost on my local Windows10 computer and upload all files via ftp to my online server? What would be the way to go?

My shared hosting plan does not know what “sudo” means… and I’m not a developer but can understand and follow instructions :wink:


You need root access to your server and a decent working knowledge of *nix to install Mattermost.

I have root access. But I wouldn’t say a working knowledge if *nix, although I’ve already set up a couple of projects through SSH…

I’m a weekend enthusiast, not developer, helping out non-profit organisations. I guess I would not be able to deploy and admin Mattermost at this time then.

Hey @hunochma, if you need any help with troubleshooting, let us know! The community might be interested helping out :slight_smile: