Install MatterMost on hostgator server?

I use Hostgator as my web service, hosting email, etc… and I’d love to use Mattermost as an option for my website that I am building as we speak. Is there a web install version of Mattermost? Or am I SOL for the time being?

Hi @ImperatorMorsus,

We currently don’t have a web install version, or the ability to embed a site chat feature into another site. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can upvote the feature idea here:

If you’re just looking to install Mattermost - I’m not familiar with HostGator, but taking a quick look at it, I think it would depend on what set up their VPS uses.

You can check out our server requirements and install guides to see if any of them match the HostGator set up, and follow the guide that is closest to try installing it.

So it meets the server requirements, but their interface is… different. They use Linux Centos 6, have MySQL installed, but…

For example, I have no idea what the equivalent of the “opt directory” is. There just isn’t one.

The other is that they allow you to install unlimited domains. I want to put this on a subdomain… no clue if that matters but seems like it should at some point.

I could really use some help and am happy to provide screenshots of where I’m stuck. :slight_smile: