Help with installation (cPanel server)

Hi there,

I am considering installing Mattermost (which looks great, by the way) onto our cPanel server, which is running on CentOS 5.11.

Is this possible? If so, what instructions should I be following - there are too many different sets of installation instructions and I don’t really know which one would apply to our situation.

I also can’t find a requirements list for Mattermost. The website indicates that either MySQL or Postgres are required (though I didn’t find any version info) but that appears to be the only requirement - is that correct, or are there other dependencies that are needed? Does it interact with Apache at all, or does it serve its content directly?

Finally, once installed to our server, what would the URL look like? Assume our domain was, we would either want it to appear at or at Is that possible, or does a port number need to be specified?

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  • Mark

Hi @MarkMaldaba,

We don’t have installation instructions for CentOS 5.11, but I would just pick the instructions that seem the closest and try those as a starting point. We have instructions for RHEL 6.6 and RHEL 7.1+ on our documentation site.

The requirements should be in the installation instructions, for example it requires PostgreSQL 9.4+ or MySQL 5.6+. It also requires you to set up an Nginx server.

The URL is in the format of, where site name is the name you choose for the service (for example, “mattermost”) and team name is is the name of the team you create. You can have multiple teams, so the /team_name portion changes depending on the team.


Thanks for the response.

I take it from your reply that there is no reason why Mattermost wouldn’t work on CentOS 5. Is that correct?

Our server is running Apache. Is there a way to serve Mattermost using Apache instead of Nginx? Even if it doesn’t support it now, how difficult would it be to modify it to work under an Apache environment?

If this is not possible, do you have any idea whether we can run Nginx alongside Apache, or will they get in each others way?

– Mark

I don’t know any reasons it wouldn’t work on CentOS 5, but have not tested it.

As for Apache, it is not supported right now and I’m not sure how difficult it would be to make it work. If you search on the forums for “Apache” there’s a few other posts that may be useful, or perhaps some other community members have tried it and can add in their experience here.

I’ve just got this set up on Apache, and it was quite simple thanks to the information in this pending pull request:

It would be great to see that merged and Apache support to be officially recognised.

PS - This was on CentOS 7 on a test machine. I plan to do a server upgrade (for unrelated reasons) before deploying in production, so will hopefully avoid having to install it on CentOS 5, but my gut feeling (based on going through the install process) is that it should work fine.