Can't Access Marketplace

Can not open the marketplace: "Error connecting to the marketplace server. Please check your settings in the System Console

Steps to reproduce
Fresh installed, plugins enabled in the config. Error shows when opening the market place.
Also when trying to open standard market place URL in the browser: “{“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”}”

Expected behavior
Marketplace should open

Observed behavior
Plugins are activated in the config file and also in the backend config.

Any ideas what I am missing? Thanks!

Hey @Clmsvie and welcome to the Mattermost Forums!

The “Missing Authentication Token” message in the browser is OK, because this is just an API backend which the mattermost server communicates with, but the error message tells us, that you’re able to access the site which is good.
Where is your mattermost running? Locally on the same machine where you started the browser? To me it looks like your mattermost server is unable to communicate with this host or that name resolution is not possible.

What’s your deployment model? Omnibus? Binary? Docker? Can you maybe also share the last few lines of your mattermost error log after you clicked on the marketplace?

Not sure how familiar you are with operating a mattermost server, so please let me know if I need to get into more details on anything I said.