The plugin store has stopped working

The latest version is 7.10.2 on its own server. The last couple of days the plugin store stopped loading. I press the button, the menu opens and loads for 10 seconds, then it says on top that - “Error connecting to the plugin store server. Check your settings in the system console”

I tried both with the latest version of chrome and with a separate application.
My plygins:

Hi @Ityumenev ,

can you check the value of MarketplaceURL in your config.json and make sure that your Mattermost application server is able to connec to it via https on the CLI? The expected results should look like this:

# mmctl --local config get PluginSettings.MarketplaceURL
# curl
{"message":"Missing Authentication Token"}

Kazakhstan does not seem to be under sanctions. From my computer everything is fine if you follow the link. {“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”} . But the server is in the data center.

“Could not resolve” means that there’s a problem with DNS resolution on your end.
Can you verify that you’re able to resolve any DNS names on the console? Not sure how you configured your resolvers, you might want to start with looking at the /etc/resolv.conf file and see if you can reach your DNS resolvers and resolve names (anything will do,, etc.) - does that work?