Can't figure how custom board templates work

Can’t figure how custom board templates work

Steps to reproduce
Version 7.9.3
When I create a custom board template and then go to table view, there are only 2 columns, how to add more columns?
Calendar view dragging doesn’t work and any task created on any day shifts back to today
Also how to change the type of columns in the table view? May be from a “Date” column to “Toggle button”

Expected behavior
To be able to create more columns in table view
To be able to drag the tasks on calendar view

Hi @SaifEl-Deen and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

The table view usually shows all attributes available in the template, see this example on my demo system:

Using the “New” → “Edit” option on the right side of the screen, you can then modify the columns:


In this example, I’ve added a new column called newcolumn:

And after closing this modal, it will be available in the table view:

The type of a column can be changed the same way, just modify the template and change the type of the column (but please be careful if the column already contains data, it might get lost if the original data cannot be converted to the destination format).

AFAIK, calendar view dragging is not supported ATM - but @wuwinson should know better.
I can confirm that clicking on the + icon in the calendar view on any given day does not create the card on this day, but on the current day (not sure if this is expected behaviour, though, it feels unintuitive to me).

Hi there Alexander,

Thanks for your thorough explanation of how things go.

As for the calendar view, drag and drop works fine but there is another issue with the calendar:

  1. Create a new custom empty template
  2. Without adding any properties, try to add an item on calendar view
  3. Whatever the date you click on to add a new event, it will get added to today’s block
  4. You have to create a date property in order to be able to move that event or create another on the rest of days other than today

One more thing that I think is essential, day view with time property, i.e the ability to set a specific time in a day, 4 PM 5 AM etc