Unable to create boards and provide access

I am trying to create boards and share it with the colleagues. It’s not working . We are on free plan - self hosting . I am also not able to find templates from boards feature.

Can some one help?

Version is 5.3.1

Hi @Jags.jags ,

what’s the server version you’re on? You just posted the version 5.3.1 which is most likely the version of your desktop app and not some ancient Mattermost server relase (most recent server version is 7.10.2 as of today).

What exactly is not working when you try to share boards you created? Can you maybe provide some more details or share screenshots, etc.?

Also with regards to the templates: When you click on “Create new board”, the available templates can be seen in the sidebar on the left to choose from:


Attaching the screenshots for reference

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 3.46.42 PM

Unable to find templates . Tried creating manual templates and unable to share it with colleagues. Server version is also to the most recent version

Need help