Can't search in Russian


I’m trying to search in history using Russian characters but without success.
Is it supported?

Mattermost Team EditionVersion:2.0.0 Build Number:5950

Hi @itreers, please share repro steps per troubeshooting procedure?

I sent some messages in Russian… and then I tried to search for them with “search in history” but without success. No messages were found. English search is working ok.

Which version of Mattermost or GitLab are you using? - Mattermost Team EditionVersion:2.0.0 Build Number:5950
Are you on a new install or an upgrade? - New install
A link to documentation you’re using to install and the specific step at which you’re failing -
Relevant output of error logs in mattermost.log - no errors in log.

We need your help to share enough information so that someone can reproduce your issue in order to investigate.

  1. Please post examples of messages in Russian.
  2. Please post the search terms you’re inputting
  3. Please explain which of the messages in 1) you’re expecting to see from the search queries in 2).
  1. Возможно сделают отдельное отключение в следующих релизах
  2. отдельное
    Nothing in search results

Can’t reproduce the error. Can you let me know which database you’re using–MySQL or Postgres?

[root@chat /]# psql -V
psql (PostgreSQL) 9.4.6


We have the same configuration and All OK with search on Russian.

Ok. I will try to reinstall. Thanks.

Also. I have Centos 7.2.