Change default "Teammate Name Display" option to "Show first and last name"

Is there an option to change the default “Teammate Name Display” option in Account Settings > Display from “Show username (default)” to “Show first and last name”?
I prefer that every new registered user will have this option already modified to “Show first and last name”.

I tried updating the value of PREFERENCE_DEFAULT_DISPLAY_NAME_FORMAT (in \model\preference.go) from PREFERENCE_VALUE_DISPLAY_NAME_USERNAME to PREFERENCE_VALUE_DISPLAY_NAME_FULL, recompiled, but got the same results.


Hi @JH635,

Since 4.0, that setting has actually been moved to be system-wide and located in the System Console so the preference no longer has an effect. If you update your fork, you’ll get that new setting which will replace the per-user one.

If you want to stay on the old version, the value may need to be changed in multiple places since the setting isn’t set by default and it’s up to the calling code how it interprets that. Most of the time, we use it with from the displayUsername function in utils/utils.jsx, but there’s likely other places that we check that preference and provide a default case. You can probably find them by searching for 'name_format' on the client or PREFERENCE_NAME_DISPLAY_NAME_FORMAT on the server.

@hmhealey, thank very much for your help. It totally solved my problem :slight_smile: