Teammate Name Display not working

In System Console, when setting the Teammate Name Display to Nickname or Full Name, usernames are still displayed

Steps to reproduce
Go to System Console, change Teammate Name Display to either Nickname or Full Name.

Expected behavior
Users should see full names (or nicknames)

Observed behavior
Users continue to see usernames (I have checked that users have set full names).

Note: We are on version 6.4 (self hosted)

What is your setting set to at Settings > Display > Teammate Name Display?

I have set it to “Show nickname if one exists, otherwise show first and last name”

When I look in the config.json, line 114 is:
“TeammateNameDisplay”: “username”,

So clearly changes from the system console is not reflected in the config.json file for some reason?

Sorry, I meant in the UI settings:


This can only be set in the desktop app (not on the mobile version), but it is by default set to username.
As I understand it, changing the setting in the system console, changes the default for all users (and also for the mobile versions as these cannot make this change on their own).

So while I can change this setting for me in the desktop app (or web app), what I am trying to do is to make the change for all users so the new default is not username.

And what I see is that even though I make the change in the system console, the config.json setting is not changed which leads me to believe that there is a problem somewhere…