Any way to view first and last name in profile view?

I noticed in the web app when you click a username, it shows the first and last name in the user profile regardless of what the Teammate Name Display is set to. On the mobile app (iOS), when I click a user it only shows what the Teammate Name Display is set to. Is there any way to always show the first and last name?

What Mattermost server version and mobile app version are you on?

App Version: 1.29.0 (Build 276)
Server Version: 5.21.0

Looking through the source code for the mobile app, it appears it’s not an option (although I’m terrible with JavaScript). Would this be a simple pull request with an addition of something like:

{this.props.config.ShowFullName === 'true' && this.buildDisplayBlock('fullname')}

I have no idea if those are the actual methods or variable names that would be used, but just an example.

@elias Do you have thoughts on the code changes suggested above or should this first go through mobile triage?

@amy.blais this would need to add some changes in the UI where we can display the First Name and Last Name fields as any other field that we would like to include.

something like this

I’d say we can file a ticket, assign to UX and then once is ready we could open it as a Help Wanted ticket.

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Opened a ticket for UX here:

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