Change the favicon

I recently deployed Mattermost using Docker and set up an Nginx reverse proxy following the instructions provided in the official Mattermost documentation (version 7.8.6) found here: Mattermost Docker Installation Guide.

Is there a way to change the favicon for docker deployment

Hi @Ayid ,

I think you have multiple options here.
First you could try to overwrite the directory /mattermost/client/images/favicon in the container; just map it to a custom directory on your host using the volumes option in the docker-compose.yml file:

      - ${MATTERMOST_CONFIG_PATH}:/mattermost/config:rw
      - /path/to/new/favicon-files:/mattermost/client/images/favicon:ro

And the second option would be to override the files using the nginx reverse proxy in place:

root /path/to/your/custom-files;

        location / {
                try_files $uri @mattermost;

        location @mattermost {

If there’s a matching file in your local path, nginx will deliver it instead of reverse-proxying to Mattermost.

I tried this but it is still using the old file