Client Certificate for matternost for android

Matter most application in android device it is unable to detect the SSL client certificate,
But able to access from desktop application.

Hi Santhoshsoma,

please confirm I got you right: You’re asking if the Mattermost android application supports client certificate authentication to your Mattermost server since this is a requirement in your deployment?

Hi @santhoshsoma,

can you please confirm?

yes, but now i realized the matter most application is not support for client certificate in android devices.


I followed a discussion on the community server about that and the developers said that this feature has been flagged as experimental in v1 and has not made it into v2, so it was officially never supported.
If you want to see this feature again, I can only recommend to raise your voice in Mattermost’s productboard:

Okay Thank you,
I Have submitted the idea.