Mobile applications and SSL client authentication


it seems that mobile application (tested on ios + android) don’t handle the SSL client certificate when a website has been configured to authenticate the client. Is it a bug or a feature still not implemented?


– Mathieu

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Hi @gelim, are you able to log in to your deployment from the web browser of your mobile device?

Yes, it is properly working from the default browser, or Chrome. It will ask to load the local client certificate via a popup windows.

I’m seeing the same behavior on our installation.

On Android 6.0, you get ‘This address does not appear to be a Mattermost server’. It can be accessed through Chrome just fine.

On iOS 9.3, you get ‘The server “” requires a client certificate. [-1206]’. It loads fine in Safari.

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Hi guys,
I have setup a mattermost server with self-signed certs, it works fine on web browsers of both PCs and android devices except for the android app it says as mentioned above “This address does not appear to be a Mattermost server”.
Is this because of the self-singed certs or there is something else?

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Hi @gelim

This feature is not yet support in mobile applications.

Feel free to add a feature request if it’s something you’d like to see in the product.