Cloud Free deprecation

Mattermost Cloud Free will no longer be offered after July 26, 2023.

Mattermost’s Cloud Free plan will be discontinued for new and existing Cloud workspaces. This includes your workspace.

We can imagine that this requires some transitioning for your organization, so we’re offering support for 90 days before deprecating Cloud Free.

Why is Cloud Free going away?

Mattermost is focused on providing the leading secure collaboration platform for technical and operational teams. To achieve this, we are committed to focusing on customer needs, and correlating our product direction and investments to where customers derive the most value from our offerings, which typically occurs through self-hosted deployments or via secure Professional and Enterprise Cloud offerings. This means continued investment in providing customers with the essential product features, integrations and security infrastructure needed to meet the demands of technical and operational teams.

Is Mattermost going away?

Absolutely not! We’re committed to supporting technical and operational teams to collaborate better. Only the Free version of Cloud is being deprecated. For organizations not currently needing features from Professional and Enterprise plans, Mattermost can be easily hosted on public cloud.

What are my options?

  • Host Mattermost on a public cloud. If your organization still wishes to host Mattermost on a public cloud, you can deploy Mattermost’s open source edition and only pay the cost of hosting. For example, hosting on Azure cloud starts at $18.60 per month.

  • Upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise plan. If Mattermost is a critical tool for your organization, we recommend upgrading. Additional features will be available, including administration and user management, security features, and more.

  • Host Mattermost on your own infrastructure. Did you know you can host Mattermost on your own server? Thousands of organizations self-host Mattermost for increased control, meet nation-state level security requirements and more. Here’s a guide to move your data from Cloud → self-hosted.