Trial has ended

When trying to log into our space, we are getting an error “Your trial has ended”, “Your trial has ended and your workspace has been deleted”.
I imagine this is related to Cloud Free deprecation

We had some important data in this space; would it be possible to get an archive of the communications? Or get access for a day so we can backup everything?

Thank you!

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Hi @bcaillat . You got it right that “Your trial has ended and your workspace has been deleted” is related to the Cloud Free deprecation.

The language was due to the fact that as of April 27, 2023, we stopped offering Cloud Free to new users as we switched to a 30-day trial offering.

We’re rolling out a fix to correct the language to make it less confusing, so we appreciate you bringing it up.

Regarding your data, we’re unfortunately no longer able to restore your workspace past July 27, 2023, which is when we stopped supporting Cloud Free for users who created a workspace before April 27, 2023.

We had realized that Cloud Free users needed extra time to navigate our product changes, so we had communicated this starting on April 27 (90 days) via multiple emails and in-product notices.