Created a workspace by mistake. How to delete it?


I created a Mattermost workspace by mistake as a result of miscommunication with a friend (it’s his fault! :wink: ).
How do I permanently delete it? I am new to this and could not find any such topic in the help or with a Google search. Looking to permanently delete the whole workspace.
Hopefully I can do it with a browser in a simple manner.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Ron,

if there is an option, it’s well hidden. There also does not seem to be an API available for that, but I’ll have a deeper look during the day and if I find out, I’ll let you know. What definitely should work is to login to the customer portal and click on “Contact Us” at the top of the page to get in touch with the Cloud Admins. They should be able to help you delete the workspace:

This is getting very difficult. How do I login to contact us?
I already created 1 workspace and 2 accounts and still can’t just delete this !@#$% thing. Do I really need to create yet another account there too (my existing login does not work there).

When you sign up for a cloud workspace, it asks your for an e-mail address and a password and the system will create a useraccount for you then. These details (e-mail address + password) can be used to login to your cloud workspace and also to login to the customer portal, see the screenshot:

To get there, go to and click on “Login” in the menubar and then on “Admin Portal” or go directly to Mattermost.

If you do not remember your password, you can reset it on this page (as long as you know the e-mail address used to create your workspace).

Hi again,

there’s currently no self-service for workspace deprovisioning, so my first guess by using the “Contact us” feature in the support portal was correct to get your workspace deleted.

I also heard that workspaces get auto-deleted when there is no activity after a given time. The workspace owner will get notified about the upcoming deletion to give them a chance to object, not sure how long this period is, the legend says, it’s around 6 weeks of no activity which would trigger this process then.

The link you provided shows a login page. The user/password I’ve created does not work with it (I can still login fine to my workspace). For some reason, my user is unknown except when using the workspace url prefix.
I was able to find this Contact Us, typed my request for help, then received this error:
“Sorry, your message was not delivered
It looks like there was a problem delivering your message. Click below to try again.”

Also, to post in the forum, I can’t use the above user/password. I had to use a different login …
Most annoying and not user friendly.

Eventually, after many minutes, I got to this page through Help:
I submitted a Cloud Technical Support request. I don’t have high hopes.

Hi Ron,

I’m sorry that you are running through that, I can confirm that the “Contact Us” functionality indeed seems to be broken currently and we’ll have a look at it ASAP. Thanks for reporting!
With regards to your accounts: When you set up your first workspace, the details entered there will be used for the mattermost workspace admin account and for the mattermost customer support portal account; from then on, the accounts are not linked to each other again, you can have separate passwords for your workspace and for the customer portal, but you should have received e-mails upon workspace creation and account registration with details about the used e-mail address; maybe that helps you to identify the accounts being used.

Besides that, I’m afraid I’m not able to help you any further here, since I do not have access to the systems involved, but since you already created a ticket I’m sure this will be handled by the support staff ASAP.

Thanks for your patience, please let me know if I can be of additional help here.

When you set up your first workspace, the details entered there will be used for the mattermost workspace admin account and for the mattermost customer support portal account

Apparently, this is not what happened. I still can’t log in to the support portal with the user/password I created (and not modified). Logging in to the workspace works with no issue.

Now, I filed a request but I still can’t log in to see its status :fearful:

Very frustrating. Horrible first impression.

I’m not sure what your expectations are, but if you do not remember what accounts you used to sign up and if you created workspaces by mistake (although this is a multi-step process) it’s hard to help without having access to the customer data and therefore a support request needs to be raised.

If you log the support request from within your customer account, you will then in turn also have access to an overview of the open incidents, but since you did create the request without being logged in, the ticket is not assigned to your account and therefore there’s also no public overview for the ticket. I’d say that this behaviour is also expected from a technical point of view, although this doesn’t help you at the moment.

As said, I tried to reproduce the problem you experienced yesterday with the “Contact Us” form and the error message on the end is invalid, since the ticket is being created nevertheless and I also got confirmed by support that they received your message, so I’m sure they will work on it ASAP, tickets get prioritized due to their impact on customers and maybe having a workspace created by mistake deleted is not at the top of the list, but that’s just an assumption based out of my experience with Mattermost support over the last years; when you need them, they’re here.


if you do not remember what accounts you used to sign up

I do remember the user/password I used and how the workspace got created. I can still log in to the workspace! It’s not relevant whether I created a workspace by mistake.
The problem was created by Mattermost. For some reason, it requires re-logins when seeking help and then your existing login doesn’t work.
Even using this forum cannot be done with my workspace login. How messed up is that? This is a basic CUJ that completely does not work. I’d like to see more customer empathy. I guess that the customer does not matter most here.

Unfortunately, as already explained, I do not have any insights into the user database to work on your problem or assist you further; if you already logged a ticket you should have received a ticket ID upon the first reply and if you share the ID, I can try to escalate that. If you did not receive a ticket ID as of yet I’m not sure how to identify your request, so we possibly might need your workspace ID to help you further with that.

I’ll try to alert someone with more permissions about this issue, thanks for your patience.

Hi @RonBarkan, our team can help delete the workspace.

Please create a Support ticket or DM here with the following details:

  • Email address of the Workspace owner
  • Workspace URL
  • Reason for the request to delete the workspace

Hi Amy,

Here is the ticket I created, which I can’t view

I don’t know how to DM, to keep any personal info from public view.

Thank you,

You can click on my profile image and the click “Message” to send me a private message with the requested details (the attached screenshot shows an example)


I’ve also now contacted our support team to help take a look at the Support ticket you had created.

The Support team mentioned that they have responded via They are hoping to get details from you on the admin email address used to register the account.

No Message button here:

And your system would not allow me to post more here, but no Message button also if I go to your public profile.
Managed to find a well hidden way through looking for my incoming messages, under my profile, then choosing “New” and “Message stuff members”.

I spoke too soon. Can’t even post from my messages :frowning:

I can’t respond to that ticket because the system will not take my login.

I suggest we get off this platform that is clearly not built for handling customers into good ol’ email that’s actually accessible. Where should I send an email?

Our Support team has now created a Jira ticket for deleting your workspace. Please give our SRE team a couple days to triage and work on the deletion.