Cloudflare r2 upload fail, CRC32C not implemented


Cloudflare R2 not support x-amz-checksum-algorithm
but Test Connection is success.

The problem was resolved.
And it worked for a while, but at some point it stopped working.

Is it impossible to upload without using the x-amz-checksum-algorithm?

Steps to reproduce

  1. File Storage - Test Connection : Connection was successful
  2. Try upload file

Expected behavior
Upload file success

Observed behavior

  "caller": "web/context.go:117",
  "err_where": "WriteFile",
  "error": "WriteFile: Unable to write the file., unable write the data in the file 20230404/teams/noteam/channels/qdn57b989tf88x9ar846ux6ruo/users/su7n9fzdfifrxkd4uj1txzw7kw/58e7r7ncdfyszcf7h1q8q89wor/image.jpg: Header 'x-amz-checksum-algorithm' with value 'CRC32C' not implemented",
  "http_code": 500,
  "ip_addr": "",
  "level": "error",
  "method": "POST",
  "msg": "Unable to write the file.",
  "path": "/api/v4/files",
  "request_id": "3bwa17txw7rs1jd7sr9cy9q5t5",
  "timestamp": "2023-04-04 17:54:05.964 Z",
  "user_id": "su7n9fza1cfrxkd4uj1txzw7kw"

Same issue here. R2 was working for me in the beginning of April. At some point in the past several days the upload stopped working with the same checksum error as above. I didn’t change anything on my end. The R2 API page doesn’t have list the incompatibility on PutObject but rather on CopyObject (for object-based actions).