Conditional pick list with Mattermost interactive dialog box

Hello team, We are trying to implement conditional pick list using Mattermost dialog box functionality. For example if user select a an particular option from the first drop down, only those defined under first pick list should appear in the second pick list. Like once you select the Country in the first dropdown, only the corresponding states of that Country would get displayed… Could you please help share your insights on this?

Is the use of a Bot at all an option? This seems like an ideal situation to use if/else statements in a webhook-based bot if that makes sense.

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This is currently not possible via interactive dialog boxes. You will need to implement a webapp plugin to do this. See the documentation here: Web App Plugins

FYI the Integrations team is working on a new framework that will include this functionality for interactive dialogs. You can join the project discussion at the Mattermost Apps channel.


I’m quite intrigued, I’ll definitely follow up on that and keep an eye on the discussion on the server!

Sure Thank you for looking into this issue.

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