Interactive message button dropdown?


I am building a clone of the /remind functionality in Slack. All the buttons (delete, complete, view, snooze) are working great, except the snooze button is hard coded to 20 minutes. In Slack, this is a drop down to select from multiple snooze values.

Does Mattermost have a dropdown interactive message select button? It would be awesome!
(Otherwise I will have to add multiple snooze buttons for the various values)

Thank you!


Hi @scottleedavis! Thank you for reaching out.

I believe we probably don’t support a drop-down. Perhaps you can confirm with the maintainer/creator of the command if he/she knows!

@amy.blais thank you for your response! I would love to ask the creator of interactive message buttons though. How do I find out who that is? I am sure they would have knowledge and a road map of various features. :slight_smile:

Hi @scottleedavis!

It looks like you opened a Feature request which is awesome, as I was going to suggest that as well!

You can join our nightly build server to ask questions in several channels, including Developer Toolkit and Peer-to-peer Help, and I’m sure a community members or engineers have ideas on what you can do!

Also, if you are interested, perhaps you can try out adding the dropdown - we have developer-specific documentation which might help:

Excellent advice! For more I will make do, though in the future will try to contribute. Thank you!