Connect a blog/note/document/canvas

Evaluating Mattermost for our team management, seems to me is missing the possibility to connect some form of documentation.

Coming from Teams I got the possibility to interact but also to add a document, or blog, or whathewer where is actually possible to add some information useful for everyone, always available.
Even better if there is a canvas editable from many users, but this is not a top priority.

Is this to be made using addons or some other extension

Hi davide and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Maybe the Channel Notes Plugin is what you’re looking for?

Hi Alexander
not exactly but might be a form of solution.
Only looking at the documentation I didn’t find a way to install it.
Looking at the control panel seemes I didn’t find a way also to install plugins, where reading the documentation seems need to be a button to load the package and next install it. Not sure if it’s maybe since I’m using your live demo.

You cannot install plugins on the cloud instances unfortunately, this can only be done on self-hosted installs.
Is this what you mean with “live demo” or did you just run the docker preview setup?

Now trying on a bitnami stack installed on Azure VM.
Enabled the Upload in the Config file and using the GUI loading this file I got the message “Unable to find manifest for extracted plugin.”
The file was created downloading the official Notes repo, extracting it and coverting with 7-Zip first in tar and next gz.

Also trying with mmctl give this error

bitnami@MattermostVM:~/stack/mattermost/plugins$ mmctl plugin add mattermost-plugin-channel-notes-master.tar.gz
Error: cannot read user credentials, maybe you need to use login first: stat /home/bitnami/.config/mmctl/config: no such file or directory

@agriesser did you have any hint regarding the errors.