Converging Teams, Reserved Channel Names

We have a need to converge what was formerly three teams into a single team (for ease of discovery, group membership, etc.). I’m wondering what is “best practice” for dealing with reserved channel names (e.g. “town-square”). Should I just use the command line to rename this to something like “formerteam-town-square” then use the command line to move the channel to the new converged team?

Hi, @agd

While I have actually tried to rename the Town Square using the following command as an example:

./mattermost channel rename supreme:town-square new-town-square --display_name "New Town Square"

I ran into this issue when I was in the channel itself when the rename was made:

Clicking the Back to Town Square just refreshes the page again. If you decide to do it, I would recommend you to proceed with caution.

@ahmaddanial So you lost the contents of the room?

Hello, @agd

I won’t say that I lost the content but my desktop app was in a limbo state as it tries to redirect back to the town square but could not find it because the Back to Town Square link must be pointing to the old one.

Understood, I was able to rename/move all the channels properly but the order does have meaning (don’t do town-square first as it may cause you to ONLY be able to use the cli.

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