Create a floating window 1 to 1 live chat

I would like to create a floating live chat window on my site, between 2 specific users…

  1. The users are already authenticated (Django Python)
  2. It is the system (web application) that creates the chat / connection between the users
  3. the users should not be able to see any other users.
  4. Should be able to archive the chat afterwards, and also send it by email to the users.

Is this possible with Mattermost, and if so can you provide some guidance - is their a framework for authentication plugins, etc.?

Sorry, we don’t support that currently but if you would like to submit a feature request and let the community vote on it, please go here:

Hi @kgb,

You could potentially fork Mattermost to do this custom:

  1. Automate creation of a new user in Mattermost via APIs, perhaps on login. OAuth2 is coming in the 0.6.0 release, but there would need to be custom dev to skip the UI for that

  2. Create a renderer to bring up the Private Message channel in Mattermost between the 2 users you choose, probably triggered by a user action?

  3. Since you’d use the default Private Message channel it would be only the two users who communicate

  4. You could change the email notification logic to send a link back to the archive after the conversation.

Some of these custom features would also highly benefit the community, so you might consider adding in feature requests to influence the future of Mattermost ( and perhaps the development can be shared,

Dear IT33,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have posted my idea and you can find it here:

BTW: I have a very small budget ($100) to implement live chat on my site. I have offers from several developers to do live site to site chat within that budget but using LIVEHELPERCHAT.COM (which is a PHP system).

If you know of any GO developer who is familiar with MatterMost and that can do that feature, then I am happy to donate this small amount towards doing it. Maybe if several people pitch in it could compensate the work. ( However my timeline is to get that feature done within 1 - 2 weeks max. If I don’t hear from anyone then I will go ahead using LHC).


Hi @kgb, makes sense. I think the most straight forward way approach is to use the same technology that runs your website. So if your site runs on PHP underneath, probably easiest to go with a PHP extension than try and integrate Go. Thanks for considering Mattermost,

This might be a bit out of date but thought this might be relevant Papercups | Papercups + Mattermost Integration. I m the author of Papercups an open source live chat and we’ve just built a mattermost integration where you can chat with your users directly from Mattermost



I went through the content in the link you shared and watched the video. The integration’s pretty awesome!

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