Create task in board from api

Hi Guys - going round in circles searching so psle help me with a link if I have missed it. Looking for a way to create a task in a board ? either via api method (only see posts ? and channels not boards ? ) or via a webhook ? plse share info and direct this lost chap : -)

Hi Kjbanks and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I’m not sure I can follow you on that, sorry. You can just click on the “New” buttons to create a new card in a board. What do you mean with “task”?
Here’s an overview of the Focalboard API:

Thanx so much for the response and the link. Trust me spent a fair amount of time trying to understand it and get it working. Here is where I am at:

Docs unclear that the bare url needs to also include the path:


Next issue is the properties that can be used plse ie the fields etc >?

        "schema": 1,
        "boardId": "xxxxxxx",
        "parentId": "xxxxxxx",
        "createdBy": "",
        "modifiedBy": "",
        "type": "card",
        "fields": {
            "icon": "🏥",
            "properties": {
                "a972dc7": "ebesc7ute"
            "contentOrder": [],
            "isTemplate": false
        "title": "This is a postman block 2",
        "createAt": 1666867946439,
        "updateAt": 1666867946439,
        "deleteAt": 0,
        "limited": false