Creating my first plugin

Hi everyone, I’m creating my first server plugin and im stuck with the make process. Im using the template on github.

I wrote all the code to make this work, but i cant make the plugin. I think the problem is my environment, that im using windows 11.

I installed the Go language and when i type go version i get this.
PS C:\Users\mike> go version
go version go1.22.4 windows/amd64

I type the make command and receive this error.
PS C:\Users\mike\Downloads\mattermost-plugin-starter-template-master\dilate-plugin> make
The system cannot find the path specified.
build/ *** “go is not available: see Download and install - The Go Programming Language”. Stop.
PS C:\Users\mike\Downloads\mattermost-plugin-starter-template-master\dilate-plugin>

i checked and build/ exist and i have go installed so im not sure what i doing wrong. I checked my PATH for go and its set to %USERPROFILE%\go\bin. Any help would be appreciated.