Custom Attributes Plugin


I want to use the Custom Attributes Plugin plugin on my server so that users can fill in custom fields about themselves, such as phone, position, etc.

Do I understand correctly that right now users can’t enter such details on their own, and it must be done by the admin for each user in the config.json file?

In the examples on the GitHub plugin page I see the userID parameter - is this the same userID that I can get in the id line after executing mattermost user search <nickname>?

@netgineer yes that is correct.

One needs to add for now the settings manually on config file.

User id also correct that great cipher in form ahrkeuv527hkw57hkwkr would be userid used in config.

You got it all right!
Let me know how it works.

And markdown support works just great!

@UHLHosting Okay, thank you!

But I think I’ll wait till this feature will be more easy to setup cause I have about 50 users and I really don’t want to configure all their details manually.

This will take some time it seems. While the development is focus on the main product. Anyone can open a commit for this plugin.

Even having 50 users to extract their ids would be easy, depends how many classifications, or different jobs you have.

It’s not that hard, I agree, but right now I have more important tasks. Maybe I’ll implement this later if users will be asking for such a feature.

I don’t like the idea of storing user details in the main config file. But since mattermost is free and plugins still in beta I guess I’ll have to live with that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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