Feature request: user-editable custom attributes

The custom attributes plugin lets me add a specific piece of text that shows up on one or more user profiles. What I would really like is a way to add a label to one or more profiles where the user can edit the associated text.

For example, users by default have a “Position” attribute that they can edit. In our case we have users from many organizations on our server so I’d like to add an “Organization” attribute to everyone that users can change themselves. I imagine other communities would come up with many examples of user profile fields that the users themselves could edit.

Hello, @mpounsett!

Based on my understanding, you are looking at something similar to this request?

If yes, I would recommend you to subscribe to the thread for updates from the contributors of the plugin. Let me know if you are referring to something else and I’ll be happy to connect with the team. Thanks.

Yes, that’s pretty much it. Thanks for pointing out that Issue.
It looks to me like they’re waiting on changes by Mattermost to make it possible for them to add the feature to the plugin. Is there any chance that’s on the roadmap for the core dev team?

Hi, @mpounsett

You are welcome. I do not see it in the Kanban board here specifically, so not any time soon I believe.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts in the request so that the team has visibility on the interest you have on it?

Sure, I have done that. Thanks!