Delay in Status Change

I have updated mattermost to release-7.7 and now seeing delay in status change. When someone change their status, its not getting reflected in other users immediately. It will take around 2 minute to get this status change for other users.

Any way to troubleshoot this?

Mattermost 7.7 does not exist yet. Can you clarify what do you see in Mattermost Version: in the “About Mattermost” dialog from the 9 dot dropdown in the top left?

To debug, I’d suggest to monitor the API request timings for the updateUserStatus API call in Grafana (if you have that set up) and see if there’s been any regressions. I can help you with the exact Prometheus query for that if you need it.

This is the version I have used.

Thanks, the branch does exist, but it hasn’t been released yet. Anyways, I’d suggest you to look into the Grafana charts that I mentioned in my second para to find if there’s been a regression or not.

This is also happening on Community lately, I posted about it here:

And there’s a GitHub issue also for that now:

as well as a Jira ticket: