Delete message from incoming webhook


Is there a way to delete a message from an incoming webhook? The use case is that I have a webhook that posts alerts of trouble tickets that haven’t been handled in a long time, and when a new alert is sent for some ticket, I’d like to remove the previous alerts.


Hi @andrenth,

Not aware of an easy way to do this with webhooks, you could look at the Mattermost drivers and underlying API potentially,

Just curious, can you help us understand why you would want to remove the previous alert?

We have some similar use cases internally and our preference is to have the history. For example, when an alert comes in, someone might reply to it with a mention of another team member to ask for help, and we’d want that history preserved, even if another alert on the same ticket came in,

Hi @it33

Our alerts look like “Ticket #1234 has been unanswered for 10 minutes”. Then if no one answers it, we’ll get “Ticket #1234 has been unanswered for 15 minutes”. So the previous alert becomes redundant.

I’ll have a look at the drivers, thanks!