Editing Webhooks

Currently to change a webhook name or channel it needs to be deleted and re-added. Considering that these webhooks need to be configured in remote application this is very cumbersome.

Lets consider a common scenario. “Oh, I’d like to change my JIRA webhook to send to my JIRA channel that I just created”. Nope, you cannot simply do this:

  1. Looking at the webhooks view you cannot see the channel it post to now. (awkward)
  2. You have to delete the webhook and add a new one to point to the new channel.
  3. Reconfigure the JIRA middlware app (you know, because no popular apps are supported. Not even gitlab :confused: ) to point to the new webhook

Sure none of this seems extremely difficult but at the same time it is unnecessarily complicated.

A simple edit function would be useful.

Hi @OliverRC,

Thank you for your feedback!

Could we have your help adding your feature suggestion to our forum where you, and others can up-vote the idea a maximum of 10 times?

Thank you @lindy65 for the reply.

Looks like this was resolved in 3.7.0. I will chat to our Mattermost administrator to see about upgrading.

Thanks Oliver,
Glad your issue is resolved once your administrator upgrades mattermost!