Design Preview: Notifications Schedule

Hi everyone, I’d like to share another preview of a feature we’re actively designing called “Notifications Schedule”. We don’t yet have a release target for this feature, but we’re gathering feedback on the proposed solution.

Why a notifications schedule is important

We all need to be able to disconnect from work, but that can be hard when we’re hit with notifications all hours of the day—especially in our remote work culture where we need to establish boundaries between work and home life. This proposed feature gives Mattermost users a way to set personal working hours so they can properly disengage from work during non-work hours. This supports the right to disconnect.

NOTE: this doesn’t affect the unread status or the mention badge counts that display in Mattermost, it just silences the desktop and push notifications. When you return to work, you’ll still see what you’ve been mentioned about and the channels that have new unread posts.

Accessing the notifications schedule

This feature leverages the “Do Not Disturb” status in Mattermost to silence notifications during a specified schedule. The notifications schedule can be accessed from two locations:

  1. From the user account menu under the “Do not disturb” submenu.

  2. The Notifications preferences in the main preferences window.

Setting a basic schedule

Once the notification schedule is enabled, users can select the schedule they want, the start time, and end time that they want notifications to be allowed for. All notifications will be silenced outside of these set hours when the notification schedule is enabled.

Users can choose a schedule that is set for every day, weekdays, or a custom schedule.

Setting a custom schedule

When a custom schedule is chosen, a start and end time for each day of the week is displayed. Days of the week can be disabled if you don’t want to include them in the schedule (which means you don’t want to be notified on those days).

Share your feedback

That’s a quick preview of the feature. As we iterate on this solution, we’d love to get feedback from our community and our customers. Let us know what you think by replying to this post!