Desktop app pops to foreground on mouse-over (sloppy focus)

Hej all,

recently, the mattermost app on my desktop (Linux Mint Una) has started popping to the foregound when the mouse pointer enters the application window. I use “sloppy focus” where applications windows get focus when the mouse pointer enters the window but the “correct” behavior is for windows to remain in the background. Only clicking the window should raise it to the foreground.

Can anybody confirm this? This seems to be specific to mattermost (I haven’t observed this with any other application) but I wanted to check here before I open a bug report.

Or is there maybe some way to overcome this by configuring the mattermost app? (I did not see any option but maybe it’s hidden.)

best wishes

This issue looks to be related linux client forces autoraise · Issue #1827 · mattermost/desktop · GitHub.

Thanks. That’s really helpful. (Though it seems to be a hard problem unlikely to be fixed any time soon.)