Linux desktop client unresizable

When desktop client is started on Linux, it does not allow any form of its window manipulation. There are no minimize/maximize buttons any more, I can only minimize it from Windows app menu. When not minimized, it takes the entirety of the gnome desktop, including status and menu bars and precludes the usage of ether, not even mouse-edge menu activation works. Its top level and wont budge. Trying to toggle its maximized state fails.
These functions all work on Windows version of the desktop client app.

Steps to reproduce
Start Linux desktop client.

Expected behavior
I expect Mattermost client app to play nice with the other kids, e.g. applications, and share desktop space.

Observed behavior
Mattermost client is top most and full screen and doesn’t play nice with other kids.

This is the image of top right, showing only the download button (top status bar is behind the window)

Hi @mmix ,

did you maybe start the app with the -f (fullscreen) parameter?