Destktop App resize issue

Unable to resize Desktop App in Windows

Steps to reproduce
While using the app in non-full screen mode, I grab the side or corner of the app, mouse cursor changes, but I cannot resize the app, it stays as it was.

Expected behavior
App window is resized to where I release the mouse button.

Observed behavior
No error msg, and I guess it does not worth to take a screenshot either. The version of the app I am using is 5.2.1, but experienced it before, though I cannot confirm the version numbers. At least one of my colleagues experiencing the same behavior.

Other info
App is running on a Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit, build 19044.2251, Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0 is installed.
The only thing I have done was cleared cache and reloaded the app as “troubleshooting”. It did not help…

Does this report describe your issue Windows app no longer allows its window to be resized. · Issue #2344 · mattermost/desktop · GitHub?

oh, yes, thanks for that article. I did not find it, so sorry for the new thread, but the solution is like only 6 hours old :smile: