[SOLVED] Content of mattemost-desktop doesn't fill the window of the app


When I open mattermost-desktop the window is not fully filled by its content. There is a blank margin on the bottom and on the right even if I resize the window (see screenshots below).
I tried to Reload and to Clear Cache and Reload but the issue is still present.

Mattermost-Desktop version : 3.7.0
OS: Linux
For information I use other electron apps and I don’t have issue with them

Steps to reproduce

  • Start the application
  • See the margin on the right and on the bottom
  • Resize the window

Expected behavior

The content completely fills the window.

Observed behavior

The issue seems to have disappear after I deleted the folder ~/.config/Mattermost, run Mattermost-Desktop and re-entered the information about my server.

Thanks for posting your solution :slight_smile: