Desktop app with cloud-hosted instance

My Mattermost Windows Desktop App v5.0.2 does not show any channels.

I signed up to mattermost cloud with a trial enterprise account, created a team, and have off-topic, town square and my own “testing” channels there. I downloaded the desktop app, installed it, and entered the as the server name, and it seems to login without any credentials, and then everything is blank - no channels, nothing.

Where can I read about how to access my cloud-hosted team via the Desktop app ?

Thanks !

Do you see the same issue with browser / webapp?
Do you see any errors in the developer console?

No issues with browser/webapp.

I don’t see any errors related to these events in the developer console…but I am no expert.

I am guessing something is wrong because of the access: just knowing the team name and address should not give someone access, yes ? And I dont even know how to control access in the Mattermost cloud instance… I have seen how I can send someone a login link, but that is all…

Have you tried reloading or clearing the cache? Also, can you help confirm that the server URL is formatted as https://<teamname>

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ah… it was http vs. https… https works.

the hint says “The URL of your Mattermost server. Must start with http:// or https://.” , but it seems only https works in this case.