Desktop notification: hide text


In desktop notifications (from website, not apps) I’d like to remove the message text, for privacy reasons: say I’m working at my desk with someone and I don’t want them to read my messages which appear in notifications.

I did some search, here and on github, but I didn’t find a way to disable (like you do for mobile notifications!). Is it correct? If true, where should I raise the problem? Is Github issue ok?


Hi @maxxer

You need to turn off the notifications in your browser settings.



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I do want notifications, but without the text! Maybe just with the channel name

Hi @maxxer,

This is most likely a feature request and you can share it here:

If you’re interested in implementing this, please follow instructions here on how to contribute!

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At the moment I posted the idea. Thanks

Sorry :confused:

Was not seeing that.