Direct audio video calling

Its Just suck using third party intregation like Jitsi and Bigbluebutton

They basically send you to there website and add you and in case of Jitsi you need there app.if using mobile device.
and In mattermost app you basically see a msg but cant Join from need login from browser and than Join.

Is there any way to get Video calling without any of this bullshit a simple video call one on one.

You could use which offers integrated one to one calling, but as far as I know the Plugin framework is dedicated to the Web UI and therefore plugins are unavailable in the mobile UI.

hmm so what is the whole use of this most people use apps on mobile device it should be added as a default feature.

They do added webrtc but removed in favor of these useless Plugin

Yes, having the plugin framework also for mobile devices would be nice as well.

Even better would be if the web UI would be a progressive web app so it would be one codebase and not multiple ones.

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