Seamless video calling

I have installed the Bigbluebutton and Jitsi plugins pointing to self-hosted instances of each of those conferencing systems. With both, invoking a conference in a channel drops a link in the chat and when clicked forces a jump to external browser to run the call.

Certainly BBB makes much of the fact that it’s fully HTML5 based so my question is - can we not run calls inside the various MM clients with no additional browser sessions?

In my comparison between MM and Synapse/Rocket the ONLY thing Synapse beat MM on was conferencing UI - totally seamless in clients.

Hi @b3lt3r,
as of now there is unfortunately no option to run the video calls inside of Mattermost.

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Hey Sven

Yes I know, which is why I posted the idea/request in feature ideas :slight_smile:

All changes require work and I certainly don’t expect it tomorrow, but it would be great to know if this is considered by the team for the roadmap or just never going to happen for whatever reason. If the latter, I can forget about it and relax :slight_smile:

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Ouch, my bad. Totally missed that, sorry.

Regarding implementing this, this is very much dependent on the plugin.
I don’t know if plugins yet have the option to load websites inside of mattermost. But this is overall a good idea thanks for submitting it.

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