Video conference in Team Edition

Is it possible to make integration with mattermost JitsiVideobridzhe? As I understand the video conference will be available only in the commercial version mattermost whether it is possible as that to make full Team Edition video conference? Will artificial constraint on the part of developers in connection with the fact that video conferences are only available in the commercial version?

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Hi @danilvoe - we have WebRTC for 1-1 video calls in beta in Team Edition right now.

We’re still working out the details, but we’re considering switching over to a plugin type system that would let people integrate with their existing video conferencing solutions.

If you’re interested in building your own, you can take a look at our api documentation to see if you can use the APIs and drivers to integrate how you would like.

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I’ve searched but haven’t found anymore discussions around the Video Conferencing Plugin concept.

I’m heading a public information campaign to help the working poor better understand how they need to stake their claim in shaping the electric vehicle culture.

Using MatterMost to create frequent video conferences with registered community q & a within a Participatory Action Research Framework.

How daunting a task would this be with the FOSS version? Would MatterMost consider the sponsorship of, I assume, the paid edition?

This originated from current discussion within the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association, the Northern Bay Area chapter of the Electric Auto Association. Founder’s of Plug In American are also involved.

We are still in the communal research and ideation phase. Your interest and input would be appreciated.

Hi @Muir, thank you for reaching out.

I believe we don’t have a Video Conferencing Plugin system yet, however we have these options currently for video calls:

If you’re interested to implement your own video call plugin, please take a look at this documentation on how to get started:

Here is an example project that a community member is working on:

Does this help?

Our interest is in a vehicle for Community-Centric Video Conferencing with discussion panel members addressing each other as well as taking comments and questions in real time from scheduled real world groups sharing a monitor.

Serious consideration is being given to facilitating registered individuals in the group to actively participate from their personal device instead of old school style crowdsharing a microphone.

This would let us automate the Q&A queue and reduce confusion since the identification of those making comment or inquiry is programmatically included in the process.

This enabling of a social gathering’s participants through the use of their personal devices would also facilitate their sharing of hyperlink references with the group and panelist alike.

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