Direct Message - I can't see all users

Why can’t I see all users on the server in direct messages in the list. This is normal ? I don’t see about 100 users, but if I search for them, they show up.

Hi, @olekwoj

This looks like a pagination issue in which the Next button is no longer appearing as it should. I also noticed that the Direct Message pop up only shows 48 instead of 50 users per page. For example:

I have seen a similar case that involve deactivated users that causes the pagination to not work properly but this looks like a fresh installation. So, I’d like to ask some questions to get context of the problem and the environment that you are on:

Troubleshooting Questions

  • May I know if you are experiencing this on the desktop app / web browser?
  • Does it persist even after you have cleared the cache of the app or use incognito mode of the web browser?
  • Can I confirm that you used the mattermost sampledata while generating the list of users? What was the exact command that you used so I can test it on my end too to confirm the behavior that I am getting?

Information Gathering

  • Which version of Mattermost Server and desktop app are you using?

Keep me posted.

Version 5.27

In file 6.b01505bd244c62a4307d.js I changed …e=>{ const t=e?e+1:0; “any”===this.props.restrictDirectMessage?this.props.actions.getProfiles(t,100)…
…e=>{ const t=e?e:0 ;“any”===this.props.restrictDirectMessage?this.props.actions.getProfiles(t,100)…
and now is ok.

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Hello, @olekwoj

Thanks for sharing the fix. May I know where did you extract this file from? Any documentation / article that you referred to when you were researching for the fix?

I’d like to confirm if it is a bug that I need to address to the desktop / web app team for a fix. Thanks.