Direct Messages are going from System Admin in Incoming Webhooks

I added an incoming webhook for actions that take place on my web-app. I am direct messaging users on Mattermost, the problem is that the messages go in a chat with the System Admin, which we do not want. Would be great if it’s just a DM to themselves or between the bot and them.

What should I do? A hack-ish way is to create a new temporary user and create messages between it and the users like explained here. Is there a better way in which neither the System Admin or any other real user is involved?

note: when my webhook is run, I do see a message from Cambot BOT but it’s in a chat between the System Admin and the receiver.

What Mattermost server version and OS are you on?

Mattermost server version is 5.21.0 run in a Docker container
OS is MacOS Catalina 10.15.4