Disable hamburger menu

How do I disable hamburger menu and enable menu bar that is standard accross apps in whole system? I have no idea why is everyone so eager to create yet another version of this user-unfriendly stupidity.

@martinwilczak Currently the hamburger menu cannot be disabled. Would you be open to sharing more details about what device and OS you’re using, as well as more details about your use case?

I am using desktop version (Windows 10) of the app. I find it annoying that I have to look for menu on different locations in lots of so called modern apps. Because they implement hamburger menu differently and completely ignore the standard way of putting it right below the title bar of application.

Few apps I am using:
Total Commander - standard menu
FooBar2000 - standard menu
KeePass - standard menu
MediaPlayer Classic HC, SmartGIT, Visual Studio, etc. - standard menu

And then there are exceptions:
Maxthon - hamburger on the right
Mattermost - hamburger on the left
Firefox - hamburger on the right
Facebook Messenger - hamburger on the left with my profile picture sneaked as the “icon”
Skype - hamburger on the left and again with my profile picture used as the “icon”

The problem is that accross these apps there are basicly three different locations where I can find the menu. And it’s a hinderance. The hamburger menu gives me nothing. I have a large display and even if the menu bar takes few pixel from the height I do not lack space. But hamburger takes one more click and a lot of time to look for it and then to navigate through it. I understand that it looks “cool” and “new” and saves a little bit of space, but I find it to be a very bad user experience that sadly spreads like a plague.