Show sidebar after login in the App

Hi, it would be nice if it was possible to open the sidebar automatically after login in the Mattermost App (without swiping or touching the burger button).

Hello there, @ateuber

Are you referring to the desktop / web / mobile app specifically? If you are referring to the mobile app, the sidebar does take up a lot space of the device screen. Hence the reason why the burger icon and the swipe action helps to keep the sidebar minimized.

May I know what is the context behind having the sidebar pop up automatically after you log in to the Mattermost app nevertheless?

Hi @ahmaddanial, thanks for your reply!

I’m referring to the mobile app. It seems like some people are not used to burger buttons and do not find out how to switch the channel. It may not be a problem any more once everyone is used to burger buttons, though.

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Hey, @ateuber

You are welcome. I can understand that it can take a little bit of time to get used to the burger icon, so maybe this can be an option for some users to have the sidebar opened automatically (some might find it cumbersome that you have to swipe to left to collapse it). Let’s see how others think about having this possible feature nevertheless.