Option to re-enable the system title bar


I just installed the desktop client for Linux v4.4.0-rc1. I see that it disabled the system title bar and window borders. Could we make this optional? I’d like to see a setting somewhere to re-enable the standard window decorations.



this is an issue for me to. Having a big fat toy-like windows 10 title bar is quite mess on non windows systems. What is the purpose of running alternate systems if we end up with the same dumb system interface ?

I use the “window shade” capability for window management, which has been completely lost with this newest implementation in v4.4. I agree with ilveroluca wholeheartedly that this should be an option. I’m also surprised that more people haven’t made the same request.

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on 4.3.0 :
git diff src/main/mainWindow.js
diff --git a/src/main/mainWindow.js b/src/main/mainWindow.js
index b93caec…f1086aa 100644
— a/src/main/mainWindow.js
+++ b/src/main/mainWindow.js
@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ function createMainWindow(config, options) {
show: hideOnStartup || false,
minWidth: minimumWindowWidth,
minHeight: minimumWindowHeight,

  • frame: false,
  • frame: true,
    fullscreen: false,
  • titleBarStyle: ‘hiddenInset’,

Here to add my request for this to be possible as well.

Hi, everyone.

I just want to make sure that I am getting the right idea here. Are you referring to this part of the desktop client (highlighted in red box)?

By the way, I had this tested on the following environment:

  • Ubuntu 16.0.4
  • Mattermost Server 5.23.0
  • Mattermost Linux App 4.3.2

Hello, everyone.

Quick update. This is how it looks like on version 4.5.0.

Is this the title bar that you are discussing about?

That’s it !


You have normal windows w/ borders & menu actions (window always on top and always visible, on all virtual desktops), a shaded window w/ only its title bar and the mattermost desktop with my previously posted patch.

w/o frame, the application needs to add close/maximize and minimize buttons. Normally this is the task of the window manager to manage window decorations (title bar, borders, menus, …).

Having an option to enable / disable window frame would match all needs.