Windows Desktop client - how to disable trial button

with the latest Update to the Mattermost Server 7.5.1 and Desktop Client Version 5.3.0 there is this annoying button on left bottom side.
I can’t find a way to disable this button.
It is overlapping with my direct messages list.

Can someone please help ?
I don’t know the name of this button or feature. So my search in the forum was not effective and without results.

best regards,


Hi Roland and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

This is related to the Onboarding checklist. When you click on this icon, the following window will appear:

You can click on “No thanks, I’ll figure it out myself” at the bottom to get rid of it. This is a setting that is stored per user in the database and you can disable it in your system console (Experimental → Features → Enable Onboarding)

hello agriesser,

thank you very much for your fast replay.
I already completed the onboarding tasks. Now the “Start free 30-day trial” is shown.

Is there a way to disable this button without disabling the onboarding feature for every user ?

The “Start free 30-day trial” button should only be visible to sysadmins and as such: Just don’t click on it :slight_smile: If you’re not planning on purchasing a subscription with Mattermost, you can switch to the team edition binary which does not contain these ads and also does not support the paid features. You can convert between these two editions (enterprise and team) as you like, the unlicensed enterprise edition has exactly the same features as the team edition.

dear agriesser,

thank you very much for your help.
I’m admin by accident.
I will follow your suggestion and will switch to the team edition binary.

We can close this ticket.

best regards,


Alright, if there’s anything else, let us know.