Disabling mobile apps

Hi folks!

I’m working on a Mattermost deployment that has a custom plugin I’ve written. But I’d like to disable native iOS and Android apps since they don’t have my plugin features.

I’ve tried setting the minimum iOS version and the minimum Android version in config.json to 10.1.1 in an attempt to disable the mobile apps, but they’re still able to connect even though those apps don’t meet my fake version number.

Any ideas? I’m very comfortable coding, but I’d like to avoid forking the Mattermost code base if possible.


If you were to use a web application firewall such as Cloudflare, I can say from experience that it is 100% possible to block access based on the user agent of a connecting device. From my experience with the Mattermost mobile apps, they seem to be basically a fancy web browser (no offense devs! :laughing:) so this could be a possible solution!

I’d be more than happy to provide an in-depth explanation of the implementation, which is a minimal amount of configuration, if you are interested.