Mattermost 7.7.0 - Allowing mobile attachments

Hi guys,

In our organization we do not allow mobile users to upload attachments but after updating to version: 2.6.17 and appVersion: 7.7.0 the config seems to not be working properly or in parts, as Android users are able to upload and download while IOS users are able to upload but not download/view images.

After reviewing the configs and confirmed that all mobile uploads and downloads are disabled in config.json, we `ve noticed that in the newer version of the app, the agent name changed.

We have also reviewed the Mattermost mobile apps changelog — Mattermost documentation but the above does not seem to be a part of the known issues.

Can anyone relate or has experienced the same issue?

Hi @chriss and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

The useragent has indeed changed, but the server-side isMobile() detection should still work properly.
Can you share the configuration you used to block mobile uploads?