Do I need to compile from GitHub to change the Default Themes?


Is it possible to change the default theme for a compiled version of Mattermost?

I perused the repository and saw that the constants.jsx file contains the themes, hard-coded in a precompiled state.

I set up a mattermost server already with the compiled 1.4 production tar.gz, thinking I could give all of my users a default theme related to our normal site from the admin console. but now I see that I would need to compile myself.

Thank you for your time.

Ideally there should be a System Console option to set default theme colors, and not require recompiling.

Would you be open to helping add a feature idea on this to be discussed and upvoted?

If anyone is interested in helping with a pull request, please reply and we can work on a specification.

I made a feature request for this, if anyone would like to go vote for it: